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Deer Park Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Smiling man in dental chair giving thumbs upAs a preventive dental office, the Deer Park Family Dentistry team usually works with patients to keep their healthy teeth. Wisdom teeth, third molars, may be the exceptions that make the rule. While not all patients need to have their wisdom teeth removed, these third molars can cause oral health concerns, and they are the most often extracted teeth. If you want to learn more about wisdom tooth removal, our Deer Park dentist and team are here to help. We recommend kids around the age of 11 or 12 receive an examination, so we can determine whether or not they are likely to need wisdom tooth removal. We welcome teens and adults to schedule wisdom tooth examination and consultation appointments to determine whether or not their smiles will benefit from third molar extractions. Call our team to find out more or schedule a wisdom tooth removal consultation in our Deer Park dental office.

When Wisdom Teeth Erupt

Third molars earned the nickname “wisdom teeth” in the Victorian era due to their late eruption into the smile. These teeth usually emerge in the late teens and early twenties, which was once considered the age of wisdom. Our ancient ancestors consumed a diet of coarse foods, and they needed this additional set of molars to replace teeth that were often lost by this age. Today, our improved diet and oral hygiene techniques make these teeth less essential.

Animation of impacted wisdom tooth

Why Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed

Because our smiles do not typically need this third set of molars, we may recommend that one or more of these teeth be removed. Some of the reasons we need to extract wisdom teeth include the following:

How Wisdom Teeth are Removed

Metal clasp holding extracted toothWisdom teeth will either need to be pulled or surgically extracted. Pulling is only possible when the tooth fully erupts from the gums. We then use metal tools to shift the tooth back and forth until it breaks free from the smile line. Surgical extraction can be as simple as removing some soft tissue to reveal the tooth below the gum line. More complicated surgical removal may be necessary, but we’ll usually refer these out to trusted local specialists.

When We Refer Wisdom Tooth Extraction to Specialists

Young woman receiving wisdom tooth extractionWhile we’re usually able to remove wisdom teeth without any complications, there are some cases that require treatment from an oral surgery specialist. Adult patients whose wisdom teeth are damaged or have caused damage to surrounding teeth will typically need to work with an oral surgeon. Advanced surgical extractions, when third molars develop below other teeth for example, may also need to be performed by an oral surgeon. During your wisdom tooth examination and consultation appointment, we’ll carefully review your case and help you determine whether or not removal by a specialist is necessary.