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You’re Halfway Through The Year—Use The Benefits You’ve Been Paying For To Visit Your Dentist!

May 6, 2019

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You’re not paying for dental insurance each month to never use it. You can save money and time by taking advantage of your 100%-covered routine checkups and cleanings. Dental insurance typically runs on a traditional calendar year, so take advantage of the services that you’ve been paying for before you lose them! Read on for 5 reasons you should use your insurance and visit your dentist before the end of the year.

Using Your Yearly Maximum

Each year, your dental insurance will pay for a certain amount of dental work. Depending on your insurance company, the average yearly maximum ranges between $750 and $1,500 per year, per person. If your insurance runs on a calendar year, this maximum will renew on January 1. When these benefits are left unused, they don’t roll over, so utilize them while you have them!  

Your Yearly Deductible

A health insurance deductible is a fixed amount of money you pay every year before your insurance starts to help with the bills. Most dental insurances cover 100% of the costs of preventive services like semi-annual checkups and cleanings, but when you need specialized services, you may have to pay out of pocket at first. The average deductible is typically around $50, but it starts again when your plan restarts at the beginning of the year. So, if you’ve already paid your deductible, you may as well get the treatment you need while your insurance will help foot the bill.

Paying For Premiums

If you are paying your insurance premiums each month, take advantage of your benefits. Even if you don’t need any services, visit your dentist for your regular checkups and cleanings to ward off any lingering oral health problems. After all, catching cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer before they get out of control can save you time and money in the long run.

Potential Fee Increases

Each year, some dentists may raise their rates because of the increased price of equipment, materials, or property costs. When this happens, your copayment could also increase. If you need to see your dentist, it’s best to do it before rates and copayments increase.

Worsening Dental Problems

When you put your dental care on the backburner, it gives small problems like cavities and infections a chance to progress. This can cause even bigger issues that may require more invasive and expensive treatments later on. For example, by leaving cavities untreated, it could result in you needing a root canal. It may be easy to forget to schedule your regular visit to your dentist, but the issues that could arise because of that may not be so easy to treat.

Using up your dental benefits before they restart at the beginning of the year can ensure that you get the most out of your monthly insurance investment. Because most preventive care is 100% covered, there’s no reason to not schedule your semi-annual checkups and cleanings!

About the Author

Dr. Jane Reeves worked as a dental assistant for one of the few female dentists in the Houston area in the 80s. This inspired her to become a dentist and provide her patients with the high-quality care they can trust. She has been providing patients with healthy and bright smiles since she got her DDS degree in 1994. For questions or to schedule a routine checkup and cleaning, visit Deer Park Family Dentistry’s website or contact 281-479-2841.

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