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3 Procedures That May Be Necessary Before Getting Dental Implants

May 10, 2023

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3D render of a bone graft

Dental implants are recommended often by dentists for their incredible strength, realism, and durability. If you’ve been sold on them, you may be anxious to take the next step.

While you might be ready to get prepped for surgery, there could be some additional procedures that you may need before you’re ready for the dental implants themselves. Here are a few examples.

Tooth Extraction

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth, but in the case of severely infected or decayed teeth, dentists may recommend removing a tooth that’s still in the mouth and replacing it with an implant. This is often a good idea if there’s a chance that an infection could spread from one tooth to another.

If you’re getting an implant bridge to replace multiple teeth, it may also be the case that your dentist needs to remove healthy teeth that are in between a few of the gaps in your smile.

Bone Graft

If you have been missing a tooth for a while, you may have noticed a subtle change in the way that that area of your jaw feels. Try running your tongue over it now; does it feel like that part of the jaw is thinner than the rest?

That would be fairly typical. Oftentimes, areas of the jaw that have lost a tooth can begin to shrink due to disuse, just like a muscle that’s never worked out. That can pose a problem when the time comes to replace the tooth with a dental implant, as it’s possible that the jaw is no longer wide enough to support one.

This is where bone grafts come in—dentists can place a bit of bone from another spot in the body, or a synthetic bone-like material, in the shrunken area. Eventually the graft will heal, giving your dental implant much more support than it would have had otherwise.

Sinus Lift

Sinus lifts are a bit like bone grafts, except they’re done specifically for implants that are placed in the upper jaw, right by the sinus cavity. In such cases, there may be a risk of the dental implant coming out of the other side of the jaw, especially if the bone has atrophied in this area.

In this scenario, the sinus is surgically moved and a bone graft is done to lengthen the surrounding bone, creating a suitable environment for a dental implant.

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