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3 Must-Know Tips for a Tooth-Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner

November 3, 2023

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a family enjoying Thanksgiving dinner together

This year as you gather around the table with your family and friends for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, there are probably quite a few dishes that you’re excited to dig into! But the last thing you should want to happen is to end up with a cavity due to your diet over the holidays–it’d be tough to feel appreciative about that! Continue reading below for three dentist-approved tips that’ll let you enjoy all of your favorite Thanksgiving foods without fear of dental problems.

Tip #1. Make Smart Choices During Dinner

The food is what brings us together on Thanksgiving—you’ll find things like turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and all sorts of other delectable dishes lining the kitchen counter or dining room table. But as tempting as it is to eat plate after plate, you should be mindful of how much you’re eating, as well as what you’re eating. Certain sides are particularly starchy or sugary and have the potential to cause cavities just like a piece of cake or pie. However, other items like turkey are great sources of protein, and hearty fruits and vegetables can give your body the nutrients it needs. It’s all about finding the correct balance and practicing moderation!

Tip #2. Stay Hydrated by Drinking Water

It’s not just about the food, though; there are also plenty of festive beverages enjoyed during this time of the year. Whether it’s hot chocolate, eggnog, cider, a stiff cocktail, or a tasty mocktail, there are plenty of things to sip and enjoy during your holiday meal. However, none of these can compare to water—it’s by far the best beverage for your oral health, as it lacks the sugar and acidity that these other options possess. Better yet, it also encourages your mouth to produce saliva, which assists with digestion and helps to shield your smile from cavities!

Tip #3. Don’t Overdo Dessert

Desserts are a highlight of any Thanksgiving meal, but the excessive sugar content in traditional pies and cakes can be quite detrimental to your dental health! With that in mind, consider incorporating fruit-based desserts like baked apples or a berry-crisp using whole grain oats for a nice added crunch. These options provide natural sweetness without the added sugars found in many traditional desserts, including pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and your aunt’s world-famous cherry pie! It’s also worth mentioning that you can opt for mini-dessert varieties purchased from the store, or made at home. However, regardless of what you’re eating for dessert, be sure you’re brushing your teeth before bedtime!

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