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5 Things You Should Know Before You Commit to Veneers

January 11, 2024

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Dentist holding a veneer with tweezers

Veneers are a very popular cosmetic option because of their ability to completely transform your smile by correcting numerous cosmetic imperfections at once. However, they are quite an investment, so it’s important to be well-informed about the restoration so you know exactly what you can expect. Continue reading to learn some facts about veneers that you should be aware of before you make the commitment.

Veneers Are Long-Lasting

Veneers can last upwards of 15 years after you’ve had them placed if you are caring for them properly. To keep them in excellent shape, you should attend regular cleanings and checkups and maintain a good oral hygiene routine. This means brushing twice, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash every day. Veneers are very strong and resilient to damage, so you should be able to keep them for well over a decade before they need to be replaced.

Veneers Are Not Reversible

Before you commit to veneers, it’s important that you know that they aren’t reversible. In order to place veneers, your dentist must remove a small amount of enamel to make room for your new restorations. Enamel does not grow back, so once this procedure is complete, you will always need veneers or crowns to protect the affected teeth from enduring damage. Veneers can help you to achieve your smile goals, but there is no turning back!

Veneers Correct Many Imperfections

Veneers are customized and shaped to fit your smile perfectly. This means that they can mask a wide variety of different flaws. This includes teeth that are gapped, chipped, cracked, discolored, stained, and misshapen. They can even improve the appearance of slightly crooked teeth. If you currently have sensitive teeth, veneers may be able to fix this.

You Don’t Need a Full Set of Veneers

Some people decide to get a full set of veneers for a complete smile makeover. However, this isn’t a requirement for veneers. If you only have one or a few teeth with cosmetic flaws, you could opt to get veneers on only those teeth. During your consultation, you can discuss your smile goals to determine which number of veneers is right for you.

Veneers Can Be Placed in as Few as Two Appointments

Once you are your dentist determine that veneers are right for you, a thin layer of enamel needs to be removed and impressions taken of your teeth. Then, your dentist will place temporary veneers to keep your teeth safe for the next few weeks. During your next appointment, your temporary veneers will be replaced with your customized final restorations. In just a couple of visits, you can show off your beautiful new smile.

Veneers are excellent at correcting cosmetic flaws and boosting confidence, but you should be well-informed about the procedure. If you are interested in veneers, schedule a consultation. This way, you can discuss your smile goals, ask questions, and put together a treatment plan that is right for you.

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